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  " ICC Accredited Certification Recognized internationally for over 25 years"   -HR Review      








  Peak Performance
  Flow Zone
   Coaching Process
   The Science
   NST Coaching Model
      - Content
   Course Territorial
  Institute's 25
       Year History


Course Facilitator

Message from Dr Perry Zeus       (BCI Faculty Head, one of the acknowledged Founders of the coaching discipline and author of several internationally best-selling books on Coaching)..
- When I established the Institute in 1994 my goal was to develop an elite training school providing world best-class coaching technology. Today, my Faculty Team and I are proud to be the acknowledged world leaders in our field.

Through the Institute's ongoing extensive research and development program, together with our global Corporate Partners, we are able to provide a coaching toolkit for our students containing the most current, scientifically proven set of tools, techniques and best-practices available.






Incorporating NEUROFEEDBACK  Technology in:     
- Performance Coaching
  - Life / Wellness Coaching







    Accelerated, Transformational, Self Development Course for:
  • Personal Use
  • Become a Coach and set-up a practice
  • Organizations

Obtain world recognized Board Accredited Certification.
- ICC Gold Seal Board Accreditation

Board accredited certification demonstrates a coaches expertise in neurofeedback coaching for life wellness and peak performance practice. Certification by the world's leading coach accreditation body, the International Coaching Council (ICC) Board, involves confirmation of rigorous course instruction, role-playing and evaluation that is designed and administered by instructors who are world recognized experts in the field.




>>  Application Steps:
Step 1
. Submission of your application to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval.
The Panel may request additional references or support material from an applicant to assist them in confirming the person's suitability.
  Step 2. Upon payment (bank transfer) of course fee receive Master Coach Manuals for preparatory reading prior to course.


  1.  Yes! As a Sign-Up Bonus - I also wish to receive, at no extra cost, the additional Professional
                 Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library
(In English -over 300 pages). Value $us1,295.00
               I am looking to use Neurofeedback Coaching :
              - For my own personal development.
                  - As a Coach in my own practice.

- Internally in my Organization / Business -for professional development 
                  - As an Authorized License Holder who can teach the course and certify others.
2.   Course (Self Study, Campus Group or Class of 1 Delivery Format) :
  |       Select below Self Study Course Rates
 - (E-Learning - 2 or 3 weeks private, casual study at home).
  Corporate Course Rate: $us1,895.00
- Optional telephone interview / call with Dr Zeus.-Yes!
- Standard, Personal Rate: $us1,495.00 
              - Special Scholarship Rate: $us895.00
                           -If you have not already received an 'Offer of Scholarship' from us please provide
                             a 'Need' Statement (on below Form). 
Maximum 2 Scholarships per country
                             (including USA) per semester.

                         Optional:  Plus Post-course Mentoring - Mentor Support: 1-to-1 (one
                                        tutor, one student) eg;
obtain vital information, intervention planning
                                        assistance, second opinion or trouble-shooting help etc.

# of Hours: 1. 2. 3. 4. ($us165 per hour)

                      Select Campus Group Course Location and Dates :

                                  - Sydney, Australia March 9th & 10th (Sat.Sun), 2019.SORRY -JUST SOLD OUT
                                                 - $A2,450.00 (covers course costs). Small Class of 12.
         - London, England: January, 2018 -SOLD OUT.   2019 dates yet to be set.
                                                - Euro2,700.00 (covers course costs). Class of 12.
                                               Yes, please notify when next available course                                                  
                             - New York, USA: November, 2018 -SOLD OUT.   2019 dates yet to be set.  
                                              - $US2,985.00 (covers course costs). Class of 18.
                                               Yes, please notify when next available course   
Sukhumvit, Bangkok, Thailand - SOLD OUT

                                                 - Class delivered in Thai and English. Facilitator: Dr Perry Zeus.
                                                        - January 19th & 20th (Sat.Sun), 2019.

                   - Class delivered in English by Dr Perry Zeus.
                                                        - January 12th & 13th (Sat.Sun), 2019. Class of 12.
       -  Class of 1.      One-to-One Instruction with Dr Perry Zeus.
Personalized, private, training customized to the needs of the student.

Remote training (videoconference) $us2,350
  -or- .

See Retreat:

  Rainforest, Zen Retreat beside bubbling creek
      In-person, private training
      Gold Coast, Australia 
$us3,450   (Mutually suitable date)

-  Wait LIST. Strictly limited number of 1-to-1 Class dates available per year.

            Required telephone selection interview with Dr Zeus.
  -   In Life and Wellness Coaching and High Performance Coaching.
  -   Be trained by one of the founders of the modern coaching discipline
      and become an ICC Accredited 'Fellow Neuro Coach' 
      -the highest coach designation!

    3.    Do you  also wish to apply for a Territorial License to deliver the course?
-   Yes!
-   Please send me details on Licensing Fee etc
                         -   Upon completion of the Neuro Coach course
Class of 1 graduates
                             who have been personally trained by Dr Zeus can apply)  I wish to acquire
 a License to deliver the course in the below territory.
Intending Master License Holders for large territories /  single country
                                        (who wish to train and license others within their territory) need to be
                                        personally taught the Course 1:1 by Dr Zeus.
-  Define Your preferred Region (City or State or Geographic region of large Country etc):


                          - Currently I do not provide any professional or personal development courses
                          -  I am an existing Educational Provider

          -   No, at this point I do not wish to apply for a License to teach the course !
                              I understand that there are only a limited number (12) of licenses assigned each year
                              and I will need to place my name on a Wait List if I apply at another time..

4. Personal Details  


Full Name:


Business Name:


Address & Zip:


State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home/Mobile:   Biz:


Email :

Biz: Personal:

Website :
Facebook Name:

Profession /  Position :


Your Professional / Educational Background / 'People Development Experience':




 Brief description of your business



What are your goals in learning Neuro coaching?


Any further relevant information we should know etc?:



Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Names etc to support your application:






Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council

2018 Behavioral Coaching Institute. Graduate School of Neuroscience