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The emergence of brain science is generating a new breed of coaches —the neuro coaches.
Harnessing new powerful, clinically proven technology Neuro coaches can quickly and easily help people of all ages and position become aware of their brains and reactions, elevating their level of performance and quality of thinking, innovation and well-being that far surpasses the results of traditional coaching efforts which are more costly and time-consuming.

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Neuro Coach Graduates can apply for a Licence to conduct our course in their region.

  The Institute's Graduate School of Neuroscience is currently experiencing unprecedented growth due to the fast growing worldwide market. Fact is, we cannot possibly service such a huge, rapidly expanding, diverse marketplace so we have established a Global Regional Partner Program to help train new coaches.

To best support our existing global License Holders there is a restricted License Release of only 12 new territories per year. Depending upon the size of a country we award multiple licenses per country/region/city according to the size of the marketplace that one License Holder can supply.


By becoming a License Partner with us you'll be invited to a world of knowledge, experience and an exclusive, hugely successful business model. 

Learn how to build your own fast growing, highly profitable business and make a real difference to thousands of people in your own exclusive area. That said, you'll need to buy into our culture of excellence and impress our Board of Directors with your past successes, your desire to help others and an appetite for learning and growth. 

This is a special opportunity to join one of the fastest growing professions – providing coaching services and coach training. 

Our Licensed Partners come from a range of professions from educators, marketers to previous business owners however one thing they all have in common is the love of learning and helping people succeed. 

You will receive support and access to marketing strategies and tactics that are guaranteed to make businesses successful, including your own! 

You and your employees will work with both the general public, organizations and business owners, helping them in several areas including; teaching them how to increase productivity at the same as enhancing a individual’s wellness and happiness levels. 

An Outstanding Opportunity

This is a fantastically rewarding and fulfilling experience for anyone who is appointed a License Holder. 

Providing you meet our non-negotiable attributes, the investment for a License Holder is dependent upon the territory size and type they wish to claim as their own. 

Becoming a Master License Holder in a country.
Again the cost of a Master License depends upon the size of the county. For example, in same very large, dispersed countries like the USA we have divided the country into 3 territories.

The Master License has the right to sell and assign regions within their territory to individual License Holders.

The Need for Neuro Fitness Gym

Have a think about local businesses or groups or target markets in your region (small or large)... chances are they are experts in their field of endeavour.  Most businesses or professionals are good at what they do, but does that make them effective in self-development or developing others? Probably not. That's where Neuro Fitness Gym comes into play... 

Over the last quarter of a century, our parent Institute has become the world’s leading developer of coaching technology. 

If you think you have what it takes, the opportunity may still be there for you to start making a difference to the people and businesses in your local community. 

Submit the below Interview Request Form to find out if your preferred area is available. 


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Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council


Note: This course focuses on the fields of life wellness and peak performance coaching. Only an appropriately credentialed health care professional should work on medical or psychological disorders.