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incorporating mindfulness




How to build a Neuro Fitness Gym.
- a GATEWAY to the future!


And help clients get to where they

want to be..and who they want to be!!

  Using Neurofeedback Technology to produce enhanced states of Meditation & Mindfulness + Neuro Change Coaching Models = The FUTURE with Unlimited Benefits  


  Neuro Change Methodology incorporates a Mindfulness Based Approach -as taught in the NMC (Neuro Master Coach) Course.

Mindfulness is a technique extracted from Buddhism where one tries to notice present thoughts, feeling and sensations without judgement. The aim is to create a state of “bare awareness”. What was once a tool for spiritual exploration.

• Mindfulness does not seek to change or manipulate the content of the coachee’s  / client's beliefs. It is about cultivating awareness through relaxation.

• A mindfulness approach is not about trying to change the client's mind. Mindfulness is about observing your client's thoughts without necessarily believing their story.

• Cognitive restructuring traditionally emphasizes the need to change one’s thinking. However, a core feature of mindfulness is not try to remove, suppress, or change thoughts that occur, including negative ones.

• Using mindfulness the coachee is encouraged by their Neuro Master Coach to cultivate a decentered relationship with their ‘self’. This also helps them learn to observe their emotions at work.

Mindfulness (achieved though relaxation techniques and focusing using neurofeedback technology) is a CRITICAL KEY for successful behavioral coaching change efforts! Through the use of guided neurofeedback a client can move into 'a state of mindfulness' within minutes.

• Mindfulness is simply being present as the observer, with compassion, acceptance, and non-judgment, and that in this place there is no “right” or “wrong”. For the purposes of self-exploration and discovery the Master Neuro Coach guides the coachee to move to this place so they can take effective action with awareness, openness, and focus.

The two key components for awareness, openness, and focus or 'psychological flexibility' are:

1. The ability to be psychologically present. - In other words:
• to focus on the here-and-now
• to be engaged and absorbed in what you are doing
• to have full awareness of the current situation
• to have an attitude of openness and interest

2. The ability to take effective action. - In other words, to take action that is:
• conscious and deliberate with full awareness
• in the service of valued ends while being flexible and adaptable

Mindfulness is a key factor in psychological flexibility.
Indeed, mindfulness training has recently become a 'hot topic' in psychology - increasingly recognized as a powerful means to:
• develop self-awareness
• effectively handle difficult feelings
• disrupt unhelpful thought processes

Note: Mindfulness is also a key to "Emotional Intelligence".
-Happiness is a primary feeling, as is sadness, fear, and anger. Research tells us that feelings only last 4 minutes or less when they are simply and mindfully observed and felt. Feelings are expressions of emotions, or states of being. The 2 key points here are:
1) When our clients mindfully experience their feelings, they are able to create the necessary space to consciously choose how they allow feelings to evolve and then, guided by their Neuro Master Coach, learn how to exchange one undesirable feeling to a more suitable one to create a better behavioral outcome.
2) Discipline of the client's mind (emotional self-management) brings them closer to their desired state of “happiness”.



Traditional Coaching has just been super charged and replaced by Neuro Coaching. Today my client's desired future state is only minutes away using the latest the wearable Neurofeedback technology combined with Neuro Change Methodology!

  .Jonathan Spencer (Neuro Coach)  


The Graduate School of Neuroscience invitational coach training courses teach students how to use the latest neurofeedback technology that permits the user to interact between their brain and their conscious self.  


Through enhanced technological driven meditation and mindfulness within a few minutes the user is calm, alert and focused ready to train their brain!!  
The Behavioral Coaching Institute's Graduate School of Master Coaches was the world’s first professional coach training school (established 1994).

Today, our
Graduate School of Neuroscience continues the Institute's tradition of providing cutting-edge, scientifically proven coaching tools and courses.


Neurofeedback Coach Training Certificate Course




 -The cerebral workout program (and how to establish a practice) developed by Dr Perry Zeus.



The Desired Future Change Model
Neurofeedback (cognitive training) quickly and easily provides us the gateway to positive changes in our daily lives and performance, however, it is the coaching component (Neuro Change Models that incorporate mindfulness and meditation) that delivers our clients the lasting, measurable, positive results.

Day 1.




  Building a healthy lifestyle, happier life and better relationships.  

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  Accelerated Transformational Development.
- Students learn how to guide their clients to go to their next level of performance and beyond and become the person they want to be in just a few sessions of practice.

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Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
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Note: This course focuses on the fields of life wellness and peak performance coaching. Only a appropriately-credentialed health care professional should work on medical or psychological disorders.

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