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  Flow Zone
   Coaching Process
   The Science
   NST Coaching Model


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    Neurofeedback / BIOFEEDBACK Coaching = empowering yourself or
others to live to their fullest potential.


The Course -Learning Approach:

Learning by doing”:
The learning approach for the course is “learning by doing” versus the student passively listening and observing the facilitator.


Learning Groups and Case Work Exercises:

1) The Campus Course uses a Peer Group learning format (not a fish-bowl learning tank with the Facilitator doing all the work). Each student is therefore encouraged to use the knowledge, skills and experience of other group members as resources for their own learning and in turn generously share their own understandings and reflections with others. The focus will be small group role plays and other exercises (directed and participated in by the facilitator) which are meant to provide you an understanding as to how you can apply the technology and methodology in your life / practice / workplace.

2) You will gain new learning experiences and insights by working with your peers and using the techniques introduced in the break-out exercises

Biofeedback TECHNOLOGY (Hardware eg; Muse) -How to use it in the coaching process!

Module -1
The Coaching METHODOLOGY (The Application -"Software")
 -Coaching Skills
→ Coaching and other related disciplines
→ Professional Coaching
→ Change Agent
→ Some Core Identities/Competencies of a Master Coach
→ Your Coaching Style -and Exercise
→ The Coaching Session
→ Dialogue
→ Questioning
→ Listening Skills
→ Trust and the ‘Holding Environment’
→ Transference and Counter-transference

Module -2
Coaching PROCESS
Skills Coaching Model & Forms and Stages of Coaching
Coaching Structure/Program Map
Coaching CYCLE –Assessment
Goal Setting
Developing an Action Plan

Module -3
The SCIENCE -Why it works!
Neuroscience and Train the Brain
The High-Performance Mind
Emotions, Feelings
Establishing a Well-Being / Neuro Fitness Program
Maslow, Self-actualization, and Transformation
Physiology or Psycho-physical (Mind and Body)
The Need to use the Observer-Self
Deliberative Thinking and Witnessing Awareness
How to Anchor States of Mind
Putting it all Together

Module -4
The Coaching Framework & MODEL
Zeus's Desired Future Change Model
How to change our brain to become who you want to be
→ How to fulfil your Potential
→ How to enhance Intuition

    -the key intelligence factor for great success
How to help people attain true self-realization
   -"the secret of our life."

How to build Strong Neural Pathways
   - the key to increasing Critical Thinking Skills and Intelligence

How to increase mental acuity, IQ and EQ

Your Coaching Niche
Developing Your Coaching Business
Marketing your Coaching Services

Guide Notes, Case Studies, Example Interventions and Exercises..


Helping People Fulfill their Potential, move to their Next Level and build a better tomorrow.. 
(Course developed by Dr Perry Zeus, World’s Leading Authority in Behavioral Coaching.)

This easy to follow, step-by-step, accelerated credentialing course provides you the methodology (neuro coaching model) to use with neurofeedback technology (hardware) that enhances productivity, creativity, greater resilience, well-being and helps people create a desired future.  


By gaining a limited place in this special course, you will:
 Understand the role of the brain in creating and maintaining behavioral habits and how to change it!.
Learn how to use proven, validated neuro change models to best-fit the particular situational needs of a person that will achieve sustainable, measurable change.
Learn how to help a person maintain positive change that leads to greater life satisfaction.


We all face confounding daily life challenges in our world us..

No one has mastered all the skills of successful living and each of us has habits, certain performance levels and traits we wish to modify. Over the last several years ground-breaking research from the field of neuroscience and other scientific disciplines has uncovered what strategies are most effective in creating change and which ones to avoid. Emerging research also points to key ways to promote a person’s fulfillment of their potential and a more satisfying, happier, healthier life.

In short, you will learn how to (in easy to follow steps) help all people (no matter their age or position) transform their life by building a better future for themselves.  




In Search of our True Self.

The "True" Self is the final level of awareness, it is like the eye of a hurricane, peaceful, harmonious, and averse of dominating emotion. This center of contentment is surrounded by the turbulence of the conscious mind. 


We cannot locate the source of our self as our brain does not have a specific location associated with the self. It is simply the height of sensitivity or state of mindfulness where one is aware of what is happening as opposed to letting things dwell and be driven in the semi- consciousness. 

Gaining Awareness allows us to to clearly see what is in front of us and make decisions that brings us closer to fulfilling our potential and purpose of being. 

Our brains are an operating system that requires constant updating if we are to get the best results from ourselves.”

We are not our thoughts!

Most people believe that the little voice in their head is who they are and what it is saying is the "truth". They are wrong!

Our brain is a biological machine/computer/CPU.
Now. what if I told you that
a 5-year-old "you" wrote the machine code that is running your life as an adult!


The latest brain research confirms that the programming of your mind gets written when you were 3 to 5 years old! Life / learning experiences in these early years’ help shape our well-being and our executive skills (located in the brain’s frontal lobe) which regulate decision-making, problem-solving and behavior. As might be expected, a 5 year old does not produce the most sophisticated software. Even worse, they do not need to program the "truth"--but, rather use perception, misconception, myths, etc.

The good news is that we can change our adult brain and continue its development with a scientifically proven Neuro Change Model and intervention tool (neurofeedback technology/hardware).

Drawing from the latest studies in the exciting, new, scientific fields of neuroscience, quantum physics and brain-based learning this unique certification course provides the knowledge, skill sets and proven, cutting- edge tools that will enable you (the cerebral software engineer/developer or programmer -for want of a better description) to help yourself and people (from all walks of life –young and old) to manage their “software” to update and control their brains and generate exciting, productive, happier lives.

Note: We still have a long way to go to figure out exactly how our brain works and how to best operate it for optimum results. And clearly the brain is obviously not like a Macintosh or a PC but it is a type of biological machine we are still learning about. That said, machine code can be updated and upgraded and Apple and Microsoft provide software patches to fix "bugs" and add additional features. And now, with the aid of the latest breakthroughs in neuroscience, you too can do the same for yourself and your client’s mind!


Perry Zeus



The Corporate Bottom Line
-Can an organization grow smart people

A: The simple answer is;- of course we can. If we didn't think training programs could help people better perform their jobs, why would we spend billions of dollars a year on corporate training? That said, skills training is only the first baby step. Having people develop superior cognitive skills obviously makes them economically more valuable to the enterprise.

Today’s challenge for business therefore is how to redeploy much of the existing training investment in business, toward foundation personal skills (i.e. basic mental competence) rather than just teaching job position skills and motivation programs.

Q: Can We Train Brains?

-Firstly. Here are two key myths that need to be acknowledged.

              Myth #1: Intelligence is basically fixed - a gift, or a genetic endowment that can't be changed. Your IQ defines your potential in life. And a person who arrives at young adulthood is about as smart as he or she is ever going to be.

              Truth #: The human brain is not a "finished product." Neuroscience has now taught us that we are all "works in progress" and capable of changing / developing our brain.

              Myth #2: Brain power is basically a matter of IQ. The higher your IQ, the more successful you'll be in life, and the lower your IQ, the less successful you'll be.

              Truth #: Brain power is only loosely connected with IQ. Brain power is the capacity to learn how to use one's mental resources - whatever they may be -to best advantage.

Brain Exercises:

Currently, more organizations are flirting with the idea of cognitive-skill training (‘how
we think’ --foundation skills training such as: brainstorming and creative idea production, information/mind mapping, understanding thinking styles, memory etc). 

The key question about brain exercises is whether doing them makes you smarter, or just better at doing the exercises.

-Recent studies suggest cognitive training by itself only provides a modest boost to regular daily cognitive activities. Brain training also doesn’t impart knowledge –in particular knowledge about yourself and how to continually self-coach yourself to higher levels of performance and enhance your well-being

Today, the fields of neuroscience and quantum science allow us to go well beyond just a cognitive approach (just changing how we think)!

-YES! We can train /change our Brain to drive a new desired future!
Exciting new findings from neuroscience can now be directly translated into learning and development strategies to make people smarter and better at what they do.

Neuroplasticity and the "modular mind" concept provide us a much clearer and better understanding of the nature of the brain and how to train it.

The ongoing breakthrough research in the field of neuroscience provides us a blueprint how to teach people to easily access their brain and mind to obtain more sustainable, favorable outcomes.

Most change agents take a costly, time intensive cognitive approach (via training, traditional coaching or therapy) that only provides limited results (50% to 60% success rate even when delivered by qualified psychologists).

Building Smart Organizations -"Success is never final"

We can define organizational intelligence as the capacity of an enterprise to mobilize all available brain power and to focus that brain power on achieving its mission.

Bottom Line:

The NMC Course is uniquely designed to show you how to transform individual intelligence and natural brain power into personal and/or organizational intelligence and tangible bottom-line results using proven, innovative self-change/mental development tools/model)  

Q: What do Lloyd's Bank, Sony, Singapore Civil Service College, Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, Toyota, Bank of New York, CitiBank, Singapore Civil Service College, GE, McKinsey & Co.,  Ernst & Young, US Department of Defense,  Walt Disney World, Mt Sinai Hospital, Pfizer Global Pharmaceuticals and Motorola have in common? 

A: Our internationally recognized, Master Coach Courses (with graduates from over 60 countries) uniquely provides people developers, like you, the necessary proven models/tools to: - release the potential of anyone and coach people to enhance their mental skills. And, as noted above, we have supplied change methodology to many of the top organizations in the world.






  The Institute's unique course translates the latest brain science research into simple, actionable strategies for achieving peak performance, creativity, optimum mental health and enhanced wellbeing.  


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