Releasing Your SELF
It’s like a dance. Everything is dancing; even the molecules inside our cells are dancing. But we make our lives so heavy by carrying incredibly heavy burdens we think is our security. We feel like we are living with micro PTSD, we feel anxious, stale from an overactive ego.

We didn’t realize the freedom of the act of letting go ,the act of surrender would vanquish the heavy burdens we were carrying and allow us to be ourselves who we can be, to increase our feeling of wellness, joy and compassion.

We now know what we have to do with our self -we know the path is to surrender and release our present self to find our future self -to fulfil our potential and build a better future for ourselves and our family -to be free to dance the dance of life as we were meant to..

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Our Neurocoaching Certification Courses are preferred by 100's of the world's leading people development savvy organizations -such as


Sony,  GE,  McKinsey & Co,  Citibank,  Intel,  Howard Hughes Medical Institute,  Hong Kong University of Science & Technology,   BP Shell Global,  Toyota,   Department of Defense,   Saatchi & Saatchi NY,  Sing Health Polyclinics,  Siemens Medical,  American Express,  Credit Suisse,   Red Cross,  Oil India,   Alcatel,  Pfizer,  Motorola,  ANZ,  BHP Billiton,  Fed Ex,  Saudia Aramco,  Wells Fargo,  World Vision,  BAE Systems,  Nextel,  University Hospital Birmingham,  Rockwell Automation,  Mount Royal University,  University of Washington Foster School of Business, Petroleo Brasileiro,  Woolworths,  IBM,  Ras Gas Qatar,  Korn Ferry Hay Group,  Rio Tinto,  Microsoft,  Modern Gulf Institute (Oman)


  98% of our students from over 60 nationalities would recommend our course.

Here's what a few of them had to say:

"It was important for me to have world recognized credentials that allows me travel around the world and work. Thanks! " J. Holmes

"The online course had everything I required, plus more, to establish my practice. Great optional client support too when I need it. Best investment I ever made in myself." Jane Gooden

"The course exceeded my expectations and is by far the best educational experience I've ever had. Everything I needed was in the course. I’m from a small region, but already I have a full client list." C. Tran

“I learnt a lot. Thanks for accepting me into the invitational course. I just love helping people. Its so rewarding.” W. Ming

“ The online course provided me a thorough grounding in both the science and best practice. It has really enabled me to attract all types of clients.” P Roberts

“Thanks. You wonderful course has been a truly invaluable learning experience. I want you to know that I have learnt so much. Your course has also helped me to understand my practitioner strengths and weaknesses and how to improve them.” Le Minh Tran"

"I was recommended to your School as the most well-respected training institution in the world that teaches the Neurocoaching service model. Now I also refer any students to learn from you." Dr K Lee

"What a great learning experience your online course provided me. My clients just love my transformational programs especially how to self-coach themselves and enjoy the unlimited benefits of the program." Anne Peterson

"As a dietician, what also attracted me to your school, was the simple fact that I could include other complimentary services into your program such as diet and exercise." Bernice J.

"I am proud to report that my practice has more than doubled its revenue since completing your course. I am now able to offer a whole suite of new services. Thanks again for inviting me into your program." Yvonne S.

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