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How to build a Neuro Fitness Gym.
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  Using Neuro Change Coaching Models = The FUTURE with Unlimited Benefits  


  Peak Performance Coaching -as taught in the NMC (Neuro Master Coach) Course.


NeuroCoaching provides a number of benefits for individuals who are pursuing peak performance training in a relatively short period of time.

NeuroCoaching is used to ‘tune’ well-functioning brains to enhance a person’s mental abilities and allow them to perform at their peak.

Focus and emotional balance is the key to peak performance in all areas. Peak Performance occurs when a person is totally alert and focused while maintaining a relaxed physical body.

A person’s ability to focus and concentrate is hindered when stress and tension is carried in the body. Neurocoaching increases resilience and an individual’s ability to deal with stress. It improves mental clarity, decision making capabilities and focus. Productivity, competency and efficiency are enhanced.

Peak performance training using Neurocoaching can be likened to training in a gym.

The brain is like any other organ in the body. If you exercise it, it performs better.  An efficient brain can accomplish more, with greater accuracy, in less time.  

With repeated exercise, just as muscles respond and gain strength, the brain similarly learns to self-regulate more and more optimally. Neurocoaching is effective for performance because it helps to improve a wide range of brain functions. 

Much like working out in a gym, students in our program learn how to use courses Neuro tools to strengthen their client's specific brainwave patterns. The more you practice activating a specific area of the brain the stronger and more capable that area becomes. 

Brainwaves in proper function work in a steady harmonic beat. Neurocoaching uses Meditation and Mindfulness techniques to restore and strengthen this natural symphony.  

Our students obtain the tools to provide their already high performing clients a means to train and exercise their brain's neural-nets in the same way as they would exercise and build muscles. A personalised performance neurocoaching program makes more efficient use of brain resources by strengthening specific neural connections. 


Alpha (8-14 hertz) brain wave is the goldilocks performance zone.

This is where a state of “quiet alertness” is possible. Focus is achieved without putting too much strain on rational cognitive function, minimising the risk of mental burn-out and negative thought intrusion while still being able to perform demanding tasks.

At theta (below 8 hertz), focus is turned inward and individuals can be described as “inattentive” and are often unable to “switch on”. These individuals struggle to focus on anything in particular and need to raise their brain’s frequency in order to reach alpha.

The Yerkes-Dodson law states that increased arousal improves performance, but only up to a certain point. 

An over active mind directly affects performance anxiety.  


For people whose brains hum in the beta range (above 14 hertz), arousal levels are naturally high and need to be brought down to reach alpha. Focus is difficult to maintain, not because not enough information is being absorbed, but because there is an overload of information.

Imagine someone who is overcome with fear and anxiety in performing a task. Or a performance artist or a tennis player being distracted by every sneeze or noise in the audience.

People who can access an Alpha state tend to demonstrate superior performance on both physical and mental tests. And people who find their optimum Alpha level perform at their highest level.

Generally we use Beta frequencies for high-level learning and when in the fight or flight response mode. Unfortunately this is where what Zen Masters call our constantly chattering ‘Monkey Mind' resides.

For some people the very act of trying to raise to an Alpha level can take weeks of practice to achieve.
The Alpha state isn't easy to just naturally ‘achieve' out of nowhere, unless you have been trained to do it consciously.


How to fast track the Self-Regulating Arousal process using Neurofeedback technology.

With the aid of new breakthrough, affordable Neurofeedback technology the Neuro Coach can also help manage levels of arousal in adults and children. The technology's special ability to allow the user to access a mental state has proved a highly effective way of reaching alpha frequencies.

When the mind is at ease, so too is the body. Fight/flight responses become normal, muscles relax, and the body’s natural pH balance is less acidic as a result of normal adrenal gland secretion and endocrine function.  Business professionals, sportspersons and students alike are able to strategize and plan more effectively when not clouded by anxiety and high states of arousal.

How many chokes, blunders, or missed opportunities occur every day in the world around us? What if our clients are able to remain calm and control their arousal levels? It’s fair to say that they can create a more desirable future for themselves.

With brainwave entrainment (Neurofeedback technology such as Muse) the user drifts into a peaceful, calm and relaxed state in just a few minutes. It's easy to do, fun and as explained above, highly beneficial. 

Accessing our Alpha brain waves helps us to feel more centered, chilled, confident and less anxious.

Neurofeedback technology

In order to add neurofeedback coaching services to a practice (NFB services), a Neuro Coach needs professional standard Neurofeedback equipment. Fortunately the latest technology is inexpensive and easy to use.

Neurofeedback equipment has changed dramatically over the last few years. Dozens of head sensors and bulky monitoring equipment that cost 100,000's of dollars has been replaced by attractive headwear and a smartphone APP (that costs a few hundred dollars only). The professional practice headwear sensor (as used today by universities and hospitals) sends the brainwave signals to computerised EEG software on a APP. The feedback is in the form of a visual display and sounds that are driven by the client's EEG. The special APP's software (for neurofeedback practitioners) provides their client sounds and visual displays that guides them to a deep relaxing state.

specially designed headwear sensors is recognized as world-best standard technology used by universities, hospitals, Doctors, Psychologists and other professionals engaged in brain training.

Developing mastery of our own mind requires that you are able to measure what is going on in your brain and mind. By using the latest Neurofeedback technology a window to the brain can be opened that allows the user to measure and develop mastery of everything in a new expanded state of relaxed awareness.

Yogis, Buddhist monks, western mystics and Chinese sages achieved deep mind states and delved into their subconscious in secure and isolated environments. The difficulty we face in our modern world is that there are so many things that can detune our sensitive brains – electromagnetic pollution, toxins in the environment and food, pathogens, poor diet, long term stress, trauma and negative vibes from others and the news that focuses on sensationalised negativity. Children are even more vulnerable to these brain stressors.

Neurofeedback can be a very effective additional Neurocoaching tool to help practitioners guide their clients through the important relaxation first stage of the coaching process.

The brain has a remarkable ability to naturally heal and change itself. Now, with the second generation neurofeedback technology Neuro Coaches can empower their clients to have instant access to their unconscious. Combined with Neurocoaching methodology the possibilities are endless.

The need to maintain an engaged state of mind to achieve consistent peak performance

An engaged state of mind exists when your focus is external, on something in your immediate environment, and when you’re performing at your best. If you can drive, you might recall the moment when you first drove somewhere on your own without thinking, Check mirror, change gear, right blinker, but instead your attention was completely on the road ahead and the other motorists while you sang along to the radio. Or you might recall the first time you skied to the bottom of a slope and you were not quite sure how you got there, but it felt great.

When you are absorbed by what you are doing, you are engaged and totally present. By not judging yourself, you interfere less with the task at hand and allow your potential to take over.

This is what is called flow.

Our Neurocoaching Course Change Models (focusing on Emotions and attached Beliefs and our Sense of Self) allow us to help our clients to not only engage a preferred state of mind to enhance performance but also to totally reset their mindset to build a better, longterm future.


Includes Extracts from ‘Neurofeedback for Peak Performance Training’
 (2017) Journal of Mental Health Counseling 39:1, 71-83. 10-Jan-2017.




Traditional Coaching has just been super charged and replaced by NeuroCoaching. Today my client's desired future state is only minutes away using the latest Neuro Change Methodology!

  .Jonathan Spencer (Neuro Coach)  



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