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The Science and Coaching Intervention Case Examples 



"The Institute for over twenty years has, without doubt, established itself as the world's leading developer and supplier of advanced neuro and behavioral change coaching methodology."  
                                --HR Monthly
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                 Neuro Coaching = empowering yourself to live to your fullest potential.
  Neurofeedback Coaching -The Science:

The missing critical key to self-development is now available to all.

Neurofeedback equipment.
In order to practise neurofeedback (deliver NFB services), a practitioner needs professional standard Neurofeedback equipment, as well as specific world best-class standard training to be a professional Neurofeedback practitioner. Neurofeedback practitioners are encouraged to meet and maintain minimum standards of training by an accredited recognized provider.

Neurofeedback equipment has changed dramatically over the last few years. Dozens of  head sensors and bulky monitoring equipment that cost 100,000's of dollars has been replaced by attractive headwear and a smartphone APP. The professional practice headwear sensor (as used by universities and hospitals) sends the brainwave signals to computerised EEG software on a APP. The feedback is in the form of a visual display and sounds that are driven by the client's EEG. The special APP's software (for neurofeedback practitioners) provides their client sounds and visual displays that guides them to a deep relaxing state.

The specially designed headwear sensors made available in our classes is world-best standard technology used by universities, hospitals, Doctors, Psychologists and other professionals engaged in brain training.

Break-through Neurofeedback Coaching combines proprietary coaching models developed by Dr Perry Zeus (Institute's Founder and Lead Course Facilitator) and neurofeedback. Dr Zeus is recognized as a world leader in Neuro-Behavioral Coaching and has written internationally best selling books on training the brain and behavioral change coaching.

Just as importantly the Neuro Coaching Methodology taught to our students (coaching process, change models and tools developed over 25 years by Dr Zeus) is evidence-based and able to be measured to confirm lasting beneficial gain.

Developing mastery of our own mind requires that you are able to measure what is going on in your brain and mind. Using the latest Neurofeedback technology a window to the brain is opened that allows you to measure and develop mastery of everything in a new expanded state of relaxed awareness.

Yogis, Buddhist monks, western mystics and Chinese sages achieved deep mind states and delved into their subconscious in secure and isolated environments. The difficulty we face in our modern world is that there are so many things that can detune our sensitive brains – electromagnetic pollution, toxins in the environment and food, pathogens, poor diet, long term stress, trauma and negative vibes from others and the news that focuses on sensationalised negativity. Children are even more vulnerable to these brain stressors.

Neurofeedback is the most effective tool to help the brain with its remarkable ability to naturally heal and change itself. Now with the second generation neurofeedback technology we have instant access to our unconscious and are able to change our mind. Combined with behavioral change coaching methodology the possibilities are endless.



  Delta: 1-4 Hz — activity your brain emits while you’re asleep
• Theta: 4-8 Hz — what your brain waves might look like when you’re “zoning off” or not really paying attention
• Alpha: 8-12 Hz — your relaxed but wakeful state
• Beta: 12-30 Hz — the brain waves you emit when you’re sharply focused
• Gama: 12-30 Hz — moving beyond Beta to a high level of consciousness.

Our course’s technology/hardware is unique in that it uses the EEG signal as a biomarker to measure progress. Thus its efficacy for individual clients is easier to demonstrate.

Neurofeedback operates on the principal that you can become aware of when your brain is in which state — or band of activity — and then consciously shift from one to another.

Example: If you can’t focus and your brain is showing lots of theta activity, you need to shift up into an alpha state. If you’re anxious and angry all the time and your brain is trapped in beta, you want to shift down into alpha.

Muscle Memory
Essentially, greater neuroplasticity, produced by neurofeedback, creates more finely tuned “muscle memory,” reinforcing the idea that “neurons that fire together, wire together.“ By using neurofeedback technology, your teach your brain to automatically perform at 'the next level' on its own in real life.


The Neurofeedback Coaching Process:
Step One
. Entering into a deep state of meditation and mindfulness.

In the first coaching session with their coach, the client first selects the benefit they wish to gain.

Next, they put on their headband and earbuds, start the app, and close their eyes.

Within seconds they are immersed in the sounds of a beach or rainforest. While they meditate, their smartphone App measures whether their mind is calm or active, and translates that data into weathers sounds.

When they're calm, they hear peaceful weather sounds. When their mind wanders, the weather will intensify, guiding them back to a deep, calm state getting their brain ready to change itself.

Step Two. The Neurofeedback Coaching Process.
Using Neuro Models of Change the coach then guides and teaches the client how to self-coach themself.

After their first session, clients typically report feeling refreshed, relaxed, and in a higher state of mental alertness and flow. Many sleep better and more deeply that very night!

Step Three. Measurement and Lasting Change.
The client reviews their data and confirms the levels of progress and overall results.

With continued practice, the brain quickly begins to 'figure it out' and learns to produce the desired brain wave patterns outside of the practice/exercise session.  Research indicates that these gains are maintained long after the short, accelerated coaching program is completed although some 'refresher', self-coaching sessions may be necessary on a monthly or bi-monthly basis.

The client reviews their set goals, and builds a deeply rewarding self-development, self-coaching practice that gets better every time.

Case Example 1:
Neurofeedback coaching to achieve new levels of peak performance.

-Note: Neurofeedback also increases the clients levels of CREATIVITY, THINKING and IQ.

Getting into “the Zone”
During the course you are shown how to guide clients to attain and then to live in the same brain wave states as peak performers in sports and business. 

Tony Robbins (Award Winning Speaker, Best-Selling Author) recently undertook a private neurofeedback course and stated that it; “enhanced my ability to multitask, and as a creative professional, I now have the ability to visualise two separate tasks simultaneously. Example being, I can now type an email to one person while having an conversation with another person and the email will be flawless.” -Business Insider Magazine

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Case Example 2:
Neurofeedback coaching to change behavioral patterns / habits

Say a client yells at someone a few times a week. With neurofeedback coaching, they realise, ‘You know what, I haven’t lost my cool for three months!’ The triggers are removed. At first, the client may not realise that they’re operating completely differently.

Scores of recent university and research studies have confirmed this new second generation technology has an unlimited range of applications.

USERS and Remote Coaching
People of every age and walk of life experience powerful new bursts of creativity, emotional renewal, and even spiritual epiphanies beyond anything they ever thought themselves capable of.

Neurofeedback coaching does everything from: boosting your IQ, super charging creativity, improving your health and relationships, dissolving fear and even reversing ageing.

Most Neuro coaches typically report that around 94% of their Neurofeedback Coaching clients return after the first introductory session. The typical client completes (depending on their needs) just 1 -3 in-person sessions to obtain Self-Mastery. Thereafter a remote coaching format (via video call) is used by the coach to monitor progress and provide any required mentoring.

Note: A typical client also provides at least one client referral.

Coaching Clients include: sportspersons, students, office workers and managers, people in the creative and performance arts, children to people who just wish to acquire the range ranging benefits of enhanced meditation and mindfulness. In fact there is a limitless range of users of all ages who simply want an easy, quick and affordable way of moving to their next level of performance or development.

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  The Neurofeedback Coaching Change Road Map
  By Changing Brainwave patterns
  -the client can enter a deep state of meditation and mindfulness
  - which generates Insight / Awareness
  - which changes Thinking

- which changes Decision-Making

  - which changes Actions
- which changes Outcomes
  - which leads to Sustainable Positive Change..

-Zeus’s Change Road Map.                                               Copyright © Perry Zeus 2018



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Note: This course focuses on the fields of life wellness and peak performance coaching. Only an appropriately credentialed health care professional should work on medical or psychological disorders.