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World's most recognized Longevity Therapist Course


Anti Aging International Academy (AIAA).


Become a Sought-After, Highly Respected Therapist


 -specializing in providing Anti-Aging / Well-being /
 Health Services
-including Personal and Professional Peak
 Performance, Stress and Pain Management.


- receive "Dip Longevity." Letters after your name!


Invitational Graduate Diploma
in Longevity Coaching


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Online, Self-Study or Campus Format




Want to make a difference in people's lives and your own?




How to establish a successful practice and help clients BE YOUNGER, HAPPIER and HEALTHIER!


Obtain world recognized Board Accredited Certification.
- ICC Gold Seal Board Accreditation

Board accredited certification demonstrates a coaches expertise in neuro-behavioral coaching for life wellness and peak performance practice. Certification by the world's leading coach accreditation body, the International Coaching Council (ICC) Board, involves confirmation of completing a world-best standard, industry-recognized course that is designed and administered by instructors who are world recognized experts in their field.




>>  Application Steps:
Step 1
. Submission of your application to the Institute's Selection Panel for approval.
Step 2. If offered a place course payment is required by bank wire or internet banking.


  1.  Yes! As a Sign-Up Bonus - I also wish to receive, at no extra cost, the additional Professional Coach Practice Toolkit and Resources Library (In English -over 300 pages). Value $us1,295.00  
          Anti-Aging Therapy and Health Services
       - I am looking to use the NeuroCoaching delivery and change models :
- In my own practice.
- Internally in my Organization / Business
- As an Authorized License Holder who can teach the course and
             certify others. More: 
2.   Course Format Options: Self Study or Campus Class.
  Course Format Option A 

                      Self Study Course Rates
 - (E-Learning:  6 - 8 weeks private, casual study at home).

  Business / Health Care Institution Rate: $us2,895.00 
- Optional telephone interview / call with Dr Zeus.-Yes!

-  Individual Course Rate: $us2,395.00

         Plus Optional:   Post-course Telephone Mentoring
Mentor Support:
1-to-1  (one tutor, one student) eg; obtain
intervention planning assistance,  professional second opinion
               or trouble-shooting help etc.

# of Hours: 1. 2. 3. 4. ($us250 per hour)
  Require Subsidized Regional Financial Assistance Course Rate.
  ($us500 max. value to deduct from above set course fee depending
   on region). Scholarship must be paid by Bank Wire.
- Please complete below information box.
   Max' 2 Subsidized Courses per country (including USA) per semester.

           Require Some Financial Assistance! -Reasons:
Course Format Option B  

           Campus  (Accommodation not included) :
            - New York, USA (Bi-Annual):  
                      End of Year date to be set.
  - $US4,950.00 per person.  Class of 12.
Yes, please notify me when next available course

            - Gold Coast Rainforest Retreat, Australia:  -SOLD OUT
                    Small Group of 6.  - $US3,950.00.  Course Facilitator: Dr Zeus.  

            * - Gold Coast (by the sea), Australia.  Private one-on-one training
                      with Dr Zeus
                  Yes, I wish to have Dr Zeus call me to discuss my practice needs and 1-to-1,
                          two day, private, customized training with him.  $US4,850.00 .

   Territorial License to teach the course :
-   Yes, I am also interested in applying for a Territorial License
                     to deliver the course  in my region!

(Note: As you first need to confirm the value of the course before
              formally applying to become  a License Holder you are eligible to
              receive the discounted International Scholarship Course Rate)

               Upon completion of the Therapist Diploma Course I wish to
                   have the option to acquire a License and provide the course in
                   the below exclusive territory. Along with my request for
                   enrolment, please also send me some details on Licensing
                   Process / Fee etc

-  Define Your preferred Region (City or State or Geographic region of
                                       large Country etc):


 Note: Intending Master License Holders who wish to train and also license others
          in large territories / a single country need to be personally taught the
          Course 1:1 by Dr Zeus

4. Personal Details  


Full Name:


Business Name:


Address & Zip:


State & Country:


Tel. #'s:

Home/Mobile:   Biz:


Email :

Biz: Personal:

Website :
Facebook Name:

Profession /  Position :


- Currently I do not provide any professional or
 personal development courses
-  I am an existing Educational Provider / Trainer


Your Professional / Educational Background /
'People Development Experience':




 Brief description of your business



What are your goals in learning Neurocoaching?


Any further relevant information we should know etc?:



Any Faculty Sponsor or other Referral Names etc to
 support your application:








Registered as an Education provider from the State Board of Behavioral Sciences, California.
Founding Board Member of International Coaching Council

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